The City of Boerne is a full-service municipality, providing all the basic government services such as streets, police, fire, animal control, solid waste collection, electric, water, wastewater, gas, cemetery, library, parks, and recreation.
In the 1990's the population exceeded 5000 making Boerne eligible for Home Rule. This was voted in by its citizens in 1996. Accelerated growth in the late 1990s has increased the population to an estimated 7,500 today.

In spite of the influx of different ethnic groups, the German cultural tradition has dominated the community in many ways. The Boerne Gesangverein, or singing society, which was established in 1860, was an important social and recreational organization until it disbanded in 1977; German community organizations still active include the Boerne Schuetzen Verein (shooting club), which was formed in 1864, and the Boerne Village Band, which was formed about the same time as the singing society. Boerne has also held an annual celebration, the Berges Fest, since 1967.